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How Bracelet Clasps Can Change Your Jewelry Making Habits

When you are making a jewelry bracelet for yourself or others to wear, it is important that you consider integrating a good quality bracelet clasp into your design, because this will make the item far more functional. Although you can make a bracelet without a clasp, integrating one into your design will give you far more leeway with the other materials which you use. The best thing is, bracelet clasps are an inexpensive item, so you need not worry about increasing the cost per item of your jewelry by too much Bonnie Jennifer.

Adding bracelet clasps to your jewelry design means that you do not have to rely on elasticized material if you want to have a close fitting bracelet. Without a clasp, it would be impossible to get a tight fitting material on over your hand, unless the material which you were using had some degree of stretchiness. No matter how flexible you are, it is almost impossible to make your hand the same size as your wrist, so even if you did manage to ease a ridged bracelet without a clasp onto your wrist by pushing it over your hand, then it might be impossible to get the bracelet back off again! Adding a simple clasp to your bracelet would remove this hassle. These simple fastenings allow you far more choice about what materials you can use for your jewelry designs. Whilst elasticized cord can be a great choice for some projects, it does have its faults. Snapping or perishing can easily occur with these materials but this would be avoided if you chose a more rigid material and teamed it up with a clasp.

Using bracelet clasps also removes the need for knotting as a fastening. Whilst knotting can look good on some materials like thick cord or leather, it can be damaging for others. Putting a knot into a delicate chain can break the chain easily, because it puts too much strain onto the links of the piece. Even if the chain doesn’t break after it has been knotted, it can be incredibly hard to remove knots from chains, because the links can work themselves together and get caught on one another when you are trying to sort the problem out. For many jewelry makers, knotting is not a preferred method for bracelet fastening, because it is imprecise and it can be hard to do well with only one hand.

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