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Is My Bracelet Real Or Costume Jewelry

When I consider a question, the answer is straight up and honest based on information from the question. This one presents a dilemma of sorts! The markings are what should be there for 18k gold. The only thing suspect there is the double marks, including both 18k and 750. This is not a critical point but most Italian jewelry is only marked with one or the other mark go here.

Sure, some exceptions occur and when the bracelet was made “might” be a reason for both marks. European jewelry was marked with numerical stamps (i.e. 750) before those marks became accepted standards with consumers in the USA. Who knows the reason for both marks? Generally, the maker’s mark is (by law) next to the quality mark. Is there a maker’s mark or some indication besides “Italy” for a manufacturer? If not, then the bracelet is truly suspect.

The marks are right but the acid test showed green, the typical result of a gold-filled or plated article with a base metal like brass underneath. The green comes from reaction with acid and the copper element in the underlying metals. Gold items of 10k to 18k and higher simply do not show green. This is part of the dilemma. The double safeties also are a small problem, since costume jewelry generally does not have good quality clasps or double safeties.

Now, we have to question if the acid test was done correctly and on what part of the bracelet. It is possible that the bracelet is not gold and does have gold clasp parts, if attached with loops (jump rings) and not connected by soldering directly to the bracelet.

Where is the quality stamps located? Are the markings on the back only on the clasps parts or located somewhere else? An acid test done correctly will involve not only the clasp parts but some other area of the jewelry item. The item is rubbed on a slate stone hard enough to dig slightly into the jewelry and place both surface gold and deeper metal on the stone. Or, the acid is applied directly to the piece. Either way, the result will not be green for gold items.

Without the bracelet in hand, I simply cannot tell if it is really 18k gold. If not, then apparently enough trouble was taken by the manufacturer to make it look authentic and be sold falsely as 18k when it is not.

Increasing Your Stair Safety

Finding a way to make the stairs safe is very important. Every year, more accidents happen on the stairs then anywhere else. Of those that have accidents on the stairs, those in the senior age group is the most likely to fall and the most likely to have a serious accident that results or hospitalization or even death. Since seniors are at such a high risk, it is very important to find ways to prevent accidents link.

Some might decide to avoid the stairs all together or perhaps move to a new home or an assisted living facility that does not have stairs. These options both mean giving up a lot of freedom and making a drastic lifestyle change however, so it is not the best solution for most people. Instead, finding ways to allow safe usage of the stairs is usually preferred, so a stair lift is a very popular device among those who are mobility challenged

Stair lifts are a type of lifting aid that is used to carry a person up the stairs. They typically utilize an aluminum track, which is attached directly to the steps. A chair then moves along the track, safely carrying the person up the stairs. In some cases, an individual might not be able to safely sit, so a standing stair lift will be used. These lifts, which are referred to as perch lifts, should not be used unless there is a medical need though, because they present a larger risk than the sitting stair lifts do.

They can be attached to most types of staircases, but are easiest to install and least expensive when used on a straight staircase. A curved staircase, on the other hand, takes much longer and costs much more to outfit with a stair lift.

A good deal of the cost associated with a curved stair lift is as a result of how the metal track is made. The track will have to be tailor made to fit the staircase, so curved stair lifts usually cost over $10,000 more than a traditional straight stair lift. Since the track is custom fit to the stairs, it also doesn’t have a lot of resale value. This is because you would have to find someone that had an identical staircase in order for them to be able to use the stair lift.

One thing that you have to be very careful about is less than reputable curved stair lift resellers. These less than reputable individuals will take a curved stair lift track, reheat it, then bend the track to fit a different shaped staircase. This allows them to sell curved stair lifts for much less than their reputable counterparts, but as a result the integrity of the track is compromised. This almost inevitably will result in a track failure within a few years.

Often the price and the warranty that is offered on the lift is the only indication that the company is re-bending tracks. Usually a re-bender will only offer a very short warranty, because they know the track will fail, and it will cost a good deal less.

How Bracelet Clasps Can Change Your Jewelry Making Habits

When you are making a jewelry bracelet for yourself or others to wear, it is important that you consider integrating a good quality bracelet clasp into your design, because this will make the item far more functional. Although you can make a bracelet without a clasp, integrating one into your design will give you far more leeway with the other materials which you use. The best thing is, bracelet clasps are an inexpensive item, so you need not worry about increasing the cost per item of your jewelry by too much Bonnie Jennifer.

Adding bracelet clasps to your jewelry design means that you do not have to rely on elasticized material if you want to have a close fitting bracelet. Without a clasp, it would be impossible to get a tight fitting material on over your hand, unless the material which you were using had some degree of stretchiness. No matter how flexible you are, it is almost impossible to make your hand the same size as your wrist, so even if you did manage to ease a ridged bracelet without a clasp onto your wrist by pushing it over your hand, then it might be impossible to get the bracelet back off again! Adding a simple clasp to your bracelet would remove this hassle. These simple fastenings allow you far more choice about what materials you can use for your jewelry designs. Whilst elasticized cord can be a great choice for some projects, it does have its faults. Snapping or perishing can easily occur with these materials but this would be avoided if you chose a more rigid material and teamed it up with a clasp.

Using bracelet clasps also removes the need for knotting as a fastening. Whilst knotting can look good on some materials like thick cord or leather, it can be damaging for others. Putting a knot into a delicate chain can break the chain easily, because it puts too much strain onto the links of the piece. Even if the chain doesn’t break after it has been knotted, it can be incredibly hard to remove knots from chains, because the links can work themselves together and get caught on one another when you are trying to sort the problem out. For many jewelry makers, knotting is not a preferred method for bracelet fastening, because it is imprecise and it can be hard to do well with only one hand.

A Great House Painter

No one looks forward to painting their home, but everyone loves the look when it is freshly painted. The pitfalls and headaches often associated with painting a home are avoidable–or at least kept to a minimum–by selecting the right painting company https://www.onemanandabrush.com.

The first step in a worry-free painting project is selecting a company. If you have never DIY painted a home before, consider yourself lucky. The extensive effort necessary to paint a house on your own is not an experience that belongs on a bucket list. The money you might save by painting your own home will be lost in hair restoration products and anger management courses.

Once you have come to your senses and started looking for a professional painting contractor, there are some qualities that separate the men from the boys in this industry.


Perhaps more important to a painting contractor than paint brushes, insurance is a must-have for anyone doing work on your property. A legitimate painting contractor will carry, at minimum, a general liability policy. The purpose of this policy is to protect you and the contractor from any damages or injuries that could occur while the project is underway. Should one of the painters fall from a ladder, the lawsuit could be pointed at the homeowner if the contractor is not covered for this liability. Walk away quickly from any contractor who does not have some form of insurance.


If a painting company does not have a clear reputation available online or through references provided by the contractor, it is usually for one of two reasons: one, this is their first project, or two, they don’t want you to speak to previous customers. Either one of these possibilities is reason enough to look elsewhere. A reputable painter will gladly supply references, as there are few sales tools that are as effective as a glowing referral.


A painting contractor that cannot arrive for an estimate on time is not likely to take punctuality very seriously during the project either. When someone is genuinely delayed for reasons outside of their control like traffic, alien abduction, etc…they will have the foresight and courtesy to call to explain the delay and provide a new estimated time of arrival. A painting contractor that is not punctual is not likely to complete a project in a reasonable amount of time either.


Aside from the protection of insurance as mentioned above, it is important to know who will be on your property. A fair question to ask is if the painters are employed by the painting contractor, or sub-contracted to do the work. Sub-contracted labor is less likely to have undergone a background check and is therefore a potential risk factor. There are exceptions, of course, and it is usually best for a homeowner to rely on instincts when assessing character.


Yes, for most of us price does matter. The painting contractor with the highest price is not necessarily the best, and the one with the lowest price may end up costing double if the quality is so poor it has to be done again. When evaluating references provided by contractors, there is nothing wrong with asking the other homeowners how they felt about the price. Many will volunteer what they paid right away and provide a great point of reference to be sure and secure a fair bid.

Why Should You Trust Professional Painters?

Simple answer – because you cannot compromise the value of your home. A shoddy painting job can turn off even the most interested buyer and make your home’s value plummet significantly. Yes, it is admirable to want to do the whole thing yourself and not have to pay professional painters to do something you’ve probably done before. But here is why hiring a contractor would inevitably be the better decision on your part get more info.

First of all, painters are specially trained individuals who have experience in a variety of different projects. The average homeowner probably has some basic house painting skills, but very few of them would measure up to somebody who actually paints for a living. And I’m sure you will agree with me that you, as a homeowner, have better things to do than spend the whole day painting your home, regardless of the reason. You’d rather have someone do it for you while you focus on other matters.

Secondly, painters will make sure that your home has the proper finish that would protect it from wear and tear. A sub-par painting job won’t do much to defend your home against water damage, mold, rust and other external factors that could decrease its value. You would want your home to last as long as possible, and having the pros do the painting for you is one way to increase the chances of this happening.

The third and fourth primary reasons to hire professional painters would be convenience and safety. Going back to the point we made earlier, it can be tiring to do the painting yourself. And we haven’t even mentioned the chances of getting your clothing permanently stained or the possible injuries that may occur should you be working with ladders and painting the second story of your home.