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Wine Storage Refrigerators Are a Great Way to Store Wine!

Traditionally, wine was stored in a cellar and this cellar could keep the it at the uniform cool temperature that was very advantageous for the long term keeping quality. Also, it also kept it a best serving temperature. Wine Storage Refrigerators fill this need now in modern homes that do not have the space for a wine cellar read more.

Wine can certainly be stored in a common kitchen refrigerator, however there are a few problems with this. For one thing, it is very cold for most other types of wine to be set to serve. One more problem is that temperature inside the refrigerator fluctuates throughout a day. The wine storage refrigerator is well designed to keep it at right temperature consistently. The third concern to store wine in a family refrigerator is it will absorb smells of food stored with that.

The wine storage refrigerator keeps the wine at 55 degrees of Fahrenheit, as well as controls humidity. The typical kitchen refrigerator is colder than this. For good results, it has to be kept at consistent temperature. If temperature fluctuates a lot, it will affect quality of wine as well as ruin the flavor. Cool storage areas, such as basements & garages generally tend to fluctuate a lot so they do not make the best storage areas either.

Different types of the wine are kept best at the different temperatures, and a wine refrigerator is set to keep each type of wine that you would like to store. The red wines are been stored and served at 60-degrees F, whereas the light red wines are much better at 55-degrees. Dry white & rose wines are generally served at 50-degrees, however 55 degrees is fine, in case you happen to store many different kinds of wine in wine refrigerator.